You Are In Control

Owners have full control of each rental. Set the price, mileage, vehicle availability, and deposit. Review the renter’s profile to see their rental history and rental certifications before you approve the rental.

Your Car Is Covered

Every vehicle rented through DriveShare includes a commercial auto policy that provides liability coverage for both bodily injury and property damage for the rental period.

Qualified Renters

Owners can feel confident listing their cars knowing that each renter has gone through an extensive vetting process. DriveShare has strict eligibility requirements to make sure your car is in safe hands.

How it works?

  • 1

    List Your Car

    Create a listing by simply filling out a few questions and uploading a couple photos. Our team will review the information to confirm everything is ready for your listing to go live..
  • 2

    Review Requests

    Potential renters send questions and requests through DriveShare. Once owners have reviewed the renter’s qualifications and requests, owners can then decide which rentals to approve.
  • 3

    Connect With Renter

    Arrange a pickup time and location and simplify the check out process using the convenient DriveShare App to verify the details of the rental and document the condition of the vehicle.
  • 4

    Collect Payment

    Once a rental is completed, owners simply login to their account to view account balances and request fund transfers. Owners can also choose to apply credit towards any rental.
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Sylvia Bailey
Sylvia Bailey
San Francisco, CA
We could not be happier! The owner was extremely nice, gave my husband a complete overview of the car explaining everything he needed to know about the car and even took him for a quick test drive.
Gill Parks
Gill Parks
Miami, FL
Another great rental and I can’t wait for the next one. The car was in excellent condition. Arrangements were straightforward and executed perfectly. I was even able to extend my rental an extra day.
Evan Laramee
Evan Laramee
Tampa, FL
Our family of four had a great weekend in Mark’s car. Mark and his Mustang were ready for us as promised, all working perfectly, and we had a great time driving and just enjoying the car and the road.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
Boston, MA
Instructions from owner were fantastic, which made the rental so much easier! The car was fun, clean, and easy to drive. I especially enjoyed the upgraded stereo with iPhone adapter. The car is perfect and would love to rent it again! Thank You
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