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Frequently Asked Questions For Classic Car Owners

What kind of vehicles can I list?

Due to state laws, DriveShare by Hagerty is unable to offer vehicle listing services to vehicles registered in the state of New York.

Do you own an exciting vehicle? Chances are, it would be a success on DriveShare! Our program specializes in antique, classic and newer collector vehicles of the four-wheeled variety, from a 1930 Ford Model A to a 2018 Porsche GT3. This also includes classic pickups, replica cars, kit cars and movie cars.

How do I know my car will be safe?

At DriveShareTM, we do everything in our power to protect the owner and his or her vehicle. Before potential renters can get behind the wheel, they must meet our stringent eligibility criteria. DriveShare performs comprehensive background audits. (For more information on renter requirements please refer to our policies page.) Once a renter has paid and passed all of our audits, they can they confirm a booking.

Can I decline a request?

Absolutely! As an owner, you control every facet of your vehicle and how it will be enjoyed. Owners control availability, price, mileage, rental type and who gets to sit in the driver’s seat. When you receive a request from a renter, you will also be able to view the renter’s profile and qualifications prior to accepting or declining the request. If you are unable to commit to a booking request or simply don’t want to, you can always choose to decline.

What if there is an issue with my car during a rental?

Should there be a mechanical issue with the vehicle, we recommend for you to contact the car’s owner first. If they are unable to get you back on the road, DriveShare provides the industry's most comprehensive roadside service on all vehicles during the rental period. This roadside assistance is included with every rental at no cost to the owner or renter.  


Roadside Assistance is brought to you by Hagerty Drivers Club™, a licensed motor club, and includes roadside services provided by/through Cross Country Motor Club, such as:


- Guaranteed flatbed towing with soft straps

- Dispatch operators who understand and care about special cars

- 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week coverage

- Dispatch for lockouts, battery jumps, tire changes & emergency fuel delivery

Where do I exchange my car with the renter?

This decision is completely up to you as the owner. We do suggest that you keep transactions in your geographical area. We recommend letting the renter come to you, as this keeps matters safer and less complicated. Many owners feel comfortable with an exchange at their home. Some renters may ask to meet at a location more convenient for them. If this is the case, we suggest large parking lots such as malls and department stores. We also recommend using a location where you will be able to take the renter for a test drive to get them acquainted with the vehicle.


If you are able to deliver your car, such as the case of an event rental where it won’t be driven by the renter, you can indicate delivery distance, fees and airport pickup options when you list your car on DriveShare.

Can I rent out my car only for non-driving events such as a wedding?

Yes! A renter may request your car for use as a photo shot prop or as a display vehicle. No one, other than yourself, will drive the vehicle. DriveShare defines these non-driving rentals as events. Owners have the ability to limit rentals solely for events. You will be covered by our insurance policy during the entire rental process, including transportation of the vehicle to and from the event location.

Can I offer chauffeuring services?

Absolutely! Chauffeur services are in high-demand for weddings and other special occasions. Many of our owners who offer this service have fun dressing the part and being involved in the renter’s special day. DriveShare offers a chauffeur option on the vehicle listing screen, which will also give you a suggested price. We recommend that you consider the time involved in your chauffeur service when setting the cost. Further deals or cost changes can be offered after a renter inquires with their specific needs.


If you would like to assign a person other than yourself to be the chauffeur, that person will also need to become a DriveShare verified driver. Contact us for more information.

What if a renter gets a ticket while in my car?

Should a renter get a ticket, the renter is responsible for paying any fees received during the reservation, as well as any parking ticket(s) received up to 24 hours after the end of the rental. If you find a parking ticket on your car or one is mailed to you, please pay it, and send a copy to us at and we will reimburse you. Please note that DriveShare is not responsible for late fees added on to unpaid toll notices or parking tickets. For full reimbursement, we'll need to review the complete date and time of the violation as well as a copy of the ticket.


If the ticket is a moving violation, particularly a photo ticket where the driver is not identified, we will provide (upon request to documentation to you to support your contesting of the violation and/or transferring the violation to the renter. Please note that procedures differ by jurisdiction.

How does the pricing and payout work?

DriveShare takes 35% of the daily rate of each completed trip. This fee covers the cost of the full insurance, roadside service and support, payment processing, driver verification, listing and availability management and support services provided by DriveShare to both the owner and renter during the rental period. For additional information, please refer to our policies page.


All owners are required to set up their DriveShare account pages prior to accepting any booking requests. This ensures that when rentals are completed, owners will have the ability to immediately cash out their earnings. Funds are transferred to the owner’s bank account 72 hours after a rental is completed.  Note that depending on one’s bank this could possibly take another day or two to appear in his or her balance.


Additionally, if you believe there is a need to take payment out of a renter’s security deposit (damage not related to an accident, a soiled interior, smoking residue, etc.) please contact DriveShare as soon as possible after the car is returned. Unless we’re otherwise notified, the security deposit is returned 72 hours after a rental ends.

Where can I find paper copies of the check in/check out forms?

Don't have the DriveShare app? No problem! Use this check-in/check-out form before and after each rental: Click for Check In/Check Out Form.

A photocopy of the document can be forwarded to once the trip is completed.

For more information on listing a classic car on DriveShare by Hagerty®, visit our support pages.

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