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Tara Turbo-Hurlin
What an incredible driving experience! Jim was fantastic and very accommodating. He took the time to show me the ins and outs of his car and made sure I was comfortable with the 915 transmission before I took it on the road for two days. The car ran, drove, and handled amazing, and there were some breathtaking mountain back roads nearby. It was an experience I’ll never forget! Thanks again, Jim!
Michael Bonner
Doug is great to work with - very accommodating working through some difficult travel logistics. The 924S is super fun to drive - steering response and handling are great. The car gets alotta love. The car was clean and in good working order when Doug handed me the keys. Perhaps not quite as clean or as mechanically dialed in as I like to keep my own cars - but maybe I'm a little crazed on those fronts - and probably why I don't offer my own cars through DriveShare - but I am glad there are people like Doug that do! All in all it was great experience and I would definitely do it again. Thanks again Doug - and Hagerty for offering this service!
Francis Lu
My experience with Jason and the car couldn't have been better. Jason was thorough, answered all my questions and very friendly and extremely responsive. We had a wonderful conversation about Porsches after the rental, and it's clear he's highly knowledgeable, and knows all the nuances about them.

The car performed wonderfully, handled very nicely through turns, and had plenty of power. The interior was clean and well cared for. With all of the technology-heavy cars these days, it was nice to be able to drive one that was simpler - focusing you on the joy of open air motoring versus all of the extra distractions. I've never driven a convertible, and was surprised how calm the interior was with the top down and the windows up.

I would definitely recommend renting this car to anyone for a weekend. It's the most fun I've had in a long time. My only disappointment was not being able to extend the rental for another day because it was already booked the next day.
Alan Villalobos
John was a pleasure to interact with and chat cars. He showed me around his 356 replica shop which was an unexpected bonus. As an fyi, rental was a little short notice on my part, inquired about it two days before the date I was looking at, which I did appreciate.

Unfortunately the car wasn't quite 100%. Check engine light was on (didn't seem to affect the drivability too much, but did notice a stumble at one point), but the bigger issue was the car got quite hot and we had to pull over to let the car cool down two times (this was while going up Palomar mountain, it was fine on flat roads\freeway) There was a smell of coolant while topping off at the gas station. I had a limited window for the drive so the down time cut the trip a little short.

Other than the cooling issue, the car shifted well, brakes felt solid, etc. Slight rubbing from the rear tires on bigger compression/bumps. This isn't an immaculate example (interior has some wear) , but this rental was more of an extended test drive for me to see if a 996 would be a good purchase and it did that just fine. Will be looking for one of my own now.
James Shay
I loved this car and the guys were fantastic to deal with. Will use again for sure.
Kai Perez
Christine and her Porsche 912 affectionately nicknamed "Root Beer" were both absolutely pleasant! We took "Root Beer" for a drive up PCH and truly stepped back in time to 1969.

The light steering, mechanical rasp of the flat 4, and satisfying shifts of the dog-leg gear box made for a memorable experience, vintage motoring at its best!

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